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Maintenance Management Information System

The CMMIS provides an easily accessible on-line information system to support and monitor the services rendered to the customers. The system was developed using web-based technology, thus, eases the maintenance and enhancement of the system.

The rich functionality of CMMIS has helped in reducing manual workloads and in turn, enables Faber to focus in managing and monitoring the daily operations to ensure the delivery of service performance is according to the customer's requirements.

The CMMIS is primarily used to create and maintain the details required by the system to carry out the day-to-day requirement of the business operations as follows:

  • Carrying out scheduled/unscheduled maintenance activities for Biomedical and Facilities assets.
  • Effecting the housekeeping services.
  • Cleansing and maintaining of wards, OT rooms, laboratories, pharmacies, clinics and hospital surroundings.
  • Processing or washing new and soiled linen, distribution of clean linen, collection of soiled linen and repairs.
  • Collection and transportation of clinical wastes from healthcare premises to the incineration site.
  • Creating, maintaining and monitoring all relevant information on stock items, storage and its movement.
  • Providing reports and analysis to monitor the effectiveness of the service performance.
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